Healing is a collaborative journey that requires working actively together. For years it has been stated that 75% of all chronic disease is driven by factors relating to lifestyle and depending on your state of health can be crucial to recovery..

Like a pendulum, the more your state of health is swinging towards poor health, the more changes are necessary to shift your health towards a state of potential optimal health. Result driven outcomes to meet the solutions you are looking for requires a commitment to change the lifestyle factors that contributed to your present health challenge, whenever possible. Developing new habits takes time and may appear challenging at first, but gradually they become easier especially when you experience positive feedback of feeling better. Everyone’s life situation is different, and some changes may not be possible at this time which may change the restoration process depending how significant the lifestyle factor contributed to your disease process. It is important to understand all the variables involved when talking about restoring health. 

Understanding why you want to reclaim your health may provide the drive to make the changes necessary. Asking questions like:

“ If I don’t make these changes and my condition deteriorates, how will my life be different?” 

“What will restoring my health give me that I don’t have now?

What motivates you to make the necessary changes can make the difference in making the leap forward to health recovery.

The ability of your body to recover depends on the degree of structural damage to the joints or damage to the functioning ability of the various organs. The first goal of the treatment is to stop the disease process, remove inflammation and pain. The degree to what is possible in restoring health depends on how much damage to the joints or loss of organ function has taken place. I believe that the more you know helps make a better partnership if you decide to take this journey to improving your health.