Conventional medicine examines the disease, homeopathy addresses both the patient and the disease. Homeopathy is a scientific method based on the law of similars. The word homeopathy comes from uniting two Greek words ‘homoios’ meaning similar and ‘pathos’ meaning suffering. Homeopathy consists of treating sick people with medicines that, in crude doses, would produce in healthy people symptoms similar (homoios) to those of the disease needing to be overcome.

Homeopathic medicines come from natural sources and are prepared in such a way that they are devoid of all chemical toxicity. In conventional medicine, drugs are generally given for their effects on the organism, while in homeopathy, the unique medicine is given to provoke a healing reaction of the organism. Since only the living organism can heal itself, the homeopathic medicine is merely an influence used to provoke a reaction to bring about recovery. The greater the degree of similarity between the symptoms that are provoked by the medicine on a healthy person and the symptoms displayed by the person who is sick, the greater will be the recovery reaction.homeopathy_web

To treat the disease, it is necessary to treat the body systems as a whole unit and not as isolated and separate entities.

Signs and symptoms are the natural language of the mind and body when it tells us that something is wrong and needs correction. In conventional medical practice  disease is thought to cause disease symptoms while a homeopathic doctor perceives that the patient produces the disease and the symptoms.

Classical homeopaths use one medicine that is individualized to the patient. The chosen homeopathic remedy ignites the healing process and reverses symptoms in the order that they first appeared therefore the most recent symptoms are the first to clear.

Homeopathic medicine is a safe and highly effective therapy when prescribed by an experienced practitioner.

What takes place at the initial consultation?

The patient will be asked to describe all his problems in detail as well as a complete description of everything characterizing him, especially regarding his feelings, sensations, sensitivity, psyche, and all that concerns his organism in terms of energy, sleep, hunger, digestion, etc. Dr. Hardy will complete this study with a physical examination.

Note that pregnant woman, newborn children and people of all ages can benefit from homeopathic medicine. In homeopathy we treat people who are sick, we do not just treat diseases.We can treat people with infectious diseases, mental and emotional disorders and can assist those undergoing psychotherapy to a more faster recovery.

Only one medicine is given at a time — it’s mechanism is like a spark that triggers the body to stimulate a healing reaction. If the patient reacted favorably to the remedy, the doctor will choose the ideal moment for the administration of the second dose to rekindle the healing reaction. Subsequent doses may be necessary to continue the healing process until it is complete.

Dr. Gary Hardy has been practicing homeopathy since 1985 and has continues to study this system of medicine as a life long learning curve. He practices homeopathy as did  the traditional homeopaths of the past:  information built on solid research, evidence and experience over several hundred years.