Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine based on the principle of “like cures likes”. Homeopathy recognizes that all signs and symptoms of ill health are expressions of dis‐ease within the whole person and it is the patient who needs treatment, not the disorder. The disease is the final end product. How the disease develops is different from one person to another. Even the expression of the symptoms in any given disease within an individual can be completely different. As the disease develops there is an alteration in the functions and sensations that each person experiences Theses alterations in sensations and functions can be expressed in changes in sleep, energy, digestion, moods, urination and basically any system of the mind and body.

All diseases are due to multifactorial reasons, and all the factors and influences must be addressed in order to restore health. In homeopathy we try to understand how the dis-ease (altered sensations and functions) progressed. These factors and influences that contributed to this process (whether mental, emotional or physical) are taken in the case history and subsequently a homeopathic medicine is prescribed based on the totality of the characteristic expression of the dis-ease as expressed within each individual person.

Only one homeopathic medicine is given at a time that mirrors the expression of the symptoms of the patient. So if someone has psoriasis, migraines, painful menstrual cycle, and depression, only one medicine will be prescribed as each person has only one body, one physiology. From science, primary research has shown that the development of disease’s within each person are in fact interrelated, driven by inflammation and directed towards our genetic weak links. For example, smoking cigarettes can contribute to lung cancer on one person, in another cardiovascular disease, while causing chronic bronchitis or emphysema in someone else. Its influence is mediated by our genetic factors that make us unique.

The homeopathic medicine directs the body’s healing response to reverse the symptoms in the order that they first appeared. In other words the most recent symptoms of the disease will be the first to disappear.

All homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances such as plants, minerals and animals.
They are all diluted to such an extent that any toxic or harmful substances are completely removed.

As diet and lifestyle contributes to the development of disease, often in a significant way, appropriate changes must be addressed to assist in restoring health. The root causes of dis-ease must be addressed on all levels for real change to occur. Our emphasis is on the use of whole, unprocessed foods that we have genetically adapted to over the last several hundred thousand years.